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Pellewood AB is a one-man company that offers services within the forestry business. Education, inventories, forest management, texting, and photography are examples of what Pellewood can offer. 
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SYN Education

Pellewood makes SYN courses, or "Green Card" courses for forestry workers in central Småland and neighboring regions. 
"SYN Natur- & Kulturhänsyn Avverkning", "Röjning/Förröjning", and "Markberedning" are offered. 
As there are dedicated demo areas close to Vetlanda and Vaggeryd, courses for 2 persons or more could be organized at short notice. Call +46-72 3151652 or send an e-mail to to find out more. 
Of course, there are also scheduled courses that you will find under one of the links below, where you will also find other useful links. 

Forestry Inventories

Pellewood conducts different types of forestry inventories and quality checks such as following up on environmental issues after felling operations and stump treatment.
Other forestry inventories could be conducted on request. 
Call +46-72 3151652 or send an e-mail to to find out more. 

Text, Photo, and Film

Editorial-, home page-, brochure- and other texting are also offered. 
Photo assignments are most welcome. Nature and machine photos are specialties. Below you will find a link to some of the photos from the history of Pellewood. 
Call +46-72 3151652 or send an e-mail to to find out more. 

About Pellewood

Per Jonsson is my name. I started my first chainsaw at the age of 16 in 1978. Some years with the chainsaw followed until the time came to enter a forest machine, a Rottne Snoken 810 Processor in 1985. 
I passed many machines until 1999, with a two-year break for forester education. 
I operated processors, harvesters, forwarders, chippers, scarifyers, and for some weeks in a timber truck before I became a sales guy for Erjo Chippers. After that, I entered the Elmia Wood team where I stayed for 12 years when I went into sales again. This time at Bracke Forest. 
In 2020 I started the company Pellewood AB, simply because I wanted a diversified job, which I now have. The name Pellewood comes (of course) from my time at Elmia. 
Pellewood AB is certified according to PEFC. 
See you out in the woods! 

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